online Resumé


Deborah Michaliszyn is Web Designer focused on UI/UX design, creating experience strategies, fusing a variety of media to enhance interactivity, in order to produce high-level execution to projects, and refine the user experience.

Creative Skills:

Strong Visualization To Conceptualize Designs and Complex Systems, Storyboards, Low to High Fidelity Prototypes & Wireframes, Usability, Accessibility and Interactivity, Familiar with User-centred Designs and Information Architecture Principles, Complete Understanding of Latest Multimedia Packages

Soft Skills:

Attention To Detail, Understanding Clients Requirements, Time Management, Flexible, Project Planning, Longterm Focus On Objectives Within Challenging Projects, Enthusiastic, Unique Global Insights, Generating New Options, Attention To Detail, 3-Dimensional Thinking, Cutting Through The Smoke Screen, Logical Decision Making, Application of Usability, Accessibility, Graphic Design Principles, Proven To Meet Deadlines, Creative and Analytical Problem Solving,

Languages & Software:

CSS, HTML5, JavaScript. Canvas, JavaScript libraries/frameworks, JQuery, Ruby, PHP, ColdFusion, Joomla, SQL Queries, .NET, JAVA, Android Development, SharePoint Customization & Layouts Responsive Web Development,TCP/IP, FTP, Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Contribute, Brackets, Balsamic, Visio, SharePoint, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, CuteFTP Sublime (Most Industry HTML Editors), Versioning Software, 3D Printing Experience, French and English

Operating Systems & Servers:

Mac, PC, Linux, IIS, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and ODBC

Key Techniques:

Agile, Project Management Methodologies, Graphic Design Principles, Need Finding Interviewing, Cross-functional Collaborations, and Applied Perceptiveness