Deborah Michaliszyn is Web Designer focused on UI/UX design, creating experience strategies, fusing a variety of media to enhance interactivity, in order to produce high-level execution to projects, and refine the user experience.

Creative Skills:

Strong Visualization To Conceptualize Designs and Complex Systems, Storyboards, Low to High Fidelity Prototypes & Wireframes, Usability, Accessibility and Interactivity, Familiar with User-centred Designs and Information Architecture Principles, Complete Understanding of Latest Multimedia Packages

Soft Skills:

Attention To Detail, Understanding Clients Requirements, Time Management, Flexible, Project Planning, Longterm Focus On Objectives Within Challenging Projects, Enthusiastic, Unique Global Insights, Generating New Options, Attention To Detail, 3-Dimensional Thinking, Cutting Through The Smoke Screen, Logical Decision Making, Application of Usability, Accessibility, Graphic Design Principles, Proven To Meet Deadlines, Creative and Analytical Problem Solving,


CSS2 and CSS3, HTML5, XHTML, XML, HTML5 and Canvas, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby, PHP, ColdFusion, .NET, Joomla, SQL queries, Android development, Adobe Creative Suite, Android Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Oracle, MySQL .  Operating Systems: Mac, PC, and Linux